How to Print Outdoor Advertisement with Wide-format Inkjet Printers?-NEWS

2017-05-14 22:49:19

    How to Print Outdoor Advertisement with Wide-format Inkjet Printers?

With the continuous development of digital printing technology, sublimation printing applications more and more widely, in addition to the use of this sublimation of clothing in a wide range of sublimation. Sublimation printing in outdoor advertising this piece, also began to widely used up. More and more businesses began to use sublimation printing to print outdoor advertising.

outdoor advertisement with inkjet printer

Now a lot of advertising the pursuit of multi-functional large width of the inkjet output, and large wide inkjet printers are designed to better meet the needs of users and research and development, large wide inkjet printer multi-nozzle print, faster, to avoid the size of the inkjet screen cumbersome Late stitching work.

Relative to the large wide outdoor printing inkjet, 3.2 meters maximum print output wide outdoor printer is the current mainstream inkjet printing equipment, are large wide outdoor advertising inkjet preferred inkjet printing equipment. However, for most of the large outdoor wide advertising inkjet, 3.2 meters so the printer print width, or will inevitably carry out inkjet post-image splicing operation, through the splicing operation to complete a complete large wide outdoor advertising image screen. However, for outdoor printers on the big screen printing and splicing process, how should we operate?

oric FP3202-E inkjet printer

In the process of using the printer, I believe most customers have encountered splicing problems. For example, how to stitching better, splicing should pay attention to what the outdoor printer in the inkjet print output design, we should pay attention to the picture of the cut, block print output size calculation, the size of the paper material used to advance Planning is good. In addition, pay attention to the printer in the printout process, due to the paper or tension of the small impact, may cause the print size of the deviation, it can be said that the error, these factors need to be taken into account. Such as splicing operation, when the customer requests the picture is larger than the inkjet printer's largest inkjet format, we will separate the output screen, and then stitch together, doing this stitching work, the screen design and output is Its condition, so every step should not be wrong. First of all, the location of the screen to be clear, in the end who is above, who is under, which will be larger, which will be smaller. In the output process, because the picture to be output is the same picture, be sure to keep its color consistent and the size of the corresponding (for example, wide must be), to record the output of the set parameters to ensure correct. Second, the working environment and equipment heating plate temperature must be constant temperature. You now spray a splicing of the screen, if the first spray when the temperature and the temperature is not the same, then you spray out of the screen size is certainly not the same, because the light box with the temperature changes, its flexibility is also Change, the higher the temperature, the greater the error of the screen. Moreover, if your machine every time you play the screen than the original plan is long or short (this value is generally constant), such as each time a 1m picture is ejected to 1.01m, then you can do RIP or do Electronic folder when the number minus (and on the contrary to add), so that the screen should not be the length of the problem. Do the printer print screen stitching related matters and operational details, so as to ensure that the advertising big picture of the perfect, making a good effect large wide outdoor inkjet image screen.