What Can We do With Sticky Sublimation Paper?-NEWS

2017-05-15 22:19:39

                    What Can We do With Sticky  Sublimation Paper?

With the continuous development of digital printing technology, sublimation industry has developed faster and faster. Speaking of sublimation industry, sublimation printing is essential to the process. Sublimation printing is the portrait, landscape, text and other graphic use of sublimation ink with inkjet printer to mirror the reverse way to print on the sublimation of paper, through the thermal transfer equipment heated to 200 degrees Celsius, sublimation The paper on the sublimation of the ink will be in the form of gasification into the substrate, so that the image of the sublimation of the color of the image to the textile, porcelain cup, porcelain plate, porcelain, metal and other materials on a New Technology.

Sublimation printing is essential for sublimation paper, sublimation paper in accordance with the performance classification, can be divided into fast-drying sublimation paper and viscous sublimation paper, fast-drying sublimation paper is based on the base paper with a layer of coating , Viscous sublimation paper is based on the base paper with a layer of coating, and then add sugar, so that the formation of sticky thermal sublimation paper. Viscous sublimation paper is generally high grams of heavy sublimation paper, the general weight of 100 grams and 120 grams.

120gsm sticky sublimation paper

Why sticky  sublimation paper will produce it? What can we do with sticky sublimation paper? We all know that our clothing is generally elastic and non-elastic fabric of the points. In the transfer of non-elastic fabric, we can use fast-drying sublimation paper, then, transfer elastic cloth it? If we use fast-drying sublimation paper transfer elastic fabric, then it is prone to ghosting, blurred, unclear situation, so in order to meet the needs of transfer elastic fabric, we use viscous sublimation paper.

So, what is the scope of application of viscous sublimation paper? In general, the use of a wide range of sportswear, swimsuits, baseball clothes, basketball clothes, mountaineering suits, etc., with a flexible fabric.

applications of 100 gsm sticky sublimation paper

In general, as long as the fabric with flexibility, then we can use viscous sublimation paper to transfer, which is a major sublimation printing progress, no longer make the elastic fabric transfer out of a variety of problems.