Do You Know How to Choose High Quality Sublimation Ink?-NEWS

2017-05-17 01:26:31

          Do You Know How to Choose High Quality Sublimation Ink?

There are two types of ink classification:

1, According to the classification of color, ink can be divided into: dye-type ink - that is, dye-based ink, is currently the majority of inkjet printers used in the ink. Pigment-type ink - is a pigment-based ink

2,If the ink is in accordance with the solvent to distinguish, is divided into: water-based ink - water and water-soluble solvent as the main component of the dissolved color. Oily ink - a non-water-soluble solvent as the main component of the dissolved color base.

The above concepts intersect each other during actual use, for example, some pigment-based inks may be water-based inks or oily inks. However, water-based inks and oily inks are not allowed to be mixed in the same printhead, depending on their nature and the actual requirements of the printer. The shelf life of the ink is generally two years, the ink preservation requirements sealed, to avoid direct sunlight, the temperature should not be too high or too low (normal room temperature can be).

Sublimation ink is a kind of dye ink, but also subordinate to water-based ink, for inkjet printers, sublimation printing. With the continuous development of digital printing technology, thermal sublimation ink is also widely used. Like Italy's J-Teck sublimation ink, is a very famous sublimation ink.

J-Teck Sublimation Ink

So, how to choose to choose high-quality sublimation ink? Mainly from the following points to determine:

1, Viscosity and surface tension: the viscosity of the liquid flow resistance, the liquid surface tension is related to the formation of droplets, in general, inkjet ink to have a low viscosity, high surface tension, to ensure good flow performance And droplet morphology. The surface tension of the AJ ink is generally

2, PH value: that the concept of liquid pH, the solution the more acid, the lower the PH value, on the contrary, the solution alkali, the higher the PH value. To prevent ink corrosion nozzle, PH value should generally be between 7-12. AJ, ink9000 ink PH value is generally between 7.0-8.0, basically close to neutral.

3, Conductivity: In the ink, the conductivity value is used to reflect the level of salt content. In general, the salt content can not exceed 0.5% to avoid crystallization in the nozzle, AJ ink salt content is less than 0.3%; ink9000 ink salt content is less than 0.01%.

4, A dispersant: a surfactant, its role is to improve the physical properties of the ink surface, and enhance the affinity of ink and sponge, wetness. So the general through the sponge storage, conductive ink containing dispersant.


General supplies most of the pigment ink and dye ink to make a fuss, many Epson printers are used pigment ink, because the pigment ink production process is relatively difficult, so most of the domestic general supplies are used to replace the dye ink. The ink of the printer ink will also bring some impact to the ink market, but the price of pigment ink is still high, dye-type ink or possession of the dominant market. Of course, generic supplies manufacturers can also make the pigment ink, but the price is relatively expensive, so the purchase of inkjet printers when the general necessities must pay attention to this point.