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2017-05-17 02:19:42

          The Three Ways to Solve Three Problems for Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printers, expensive high-end printing equipment, a good inkjet printer can make the print out the effect of good, high color reproduction, clear lines, the products produced can also meet the needs of high-end consumer market.

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It is because the inkjet printer to print out the effect is good, so more and more people began to use inkjet printers to print, to meet their own production needs. However, in this process of printing, more and more problems began to show up. Today, we mainly talk with you in the printing process of the three major problems: sticky paper problems, cardboard problems, do not feed the paper.

So, how can these problems be resolved? The following for everyone to explain:

1, sticky paper problem

The general performance of a paper feed two or more, causing the printer can not eat and then stop.

This problem is generally caused by two reasons, one is the paper tide, the problem is better to solve, that is, the paper bake, on the radiator or monitor will do, but must not be too long. Second, the paper bought from the store mostly from the box just out, squeeze a long time to form a whole, prone to this phenomenon. The solution is to put the printer in front of the two hands holding the paper back and forth rubbing, so that each piece of paper are active, so that one of the paper to form a neat slope, so that the slope down into the carton, so that will not And then appear sticky paper phenomenon.

2, cardboard problem

Many times the cardboard is due to improper use. After a paper jam problem occurs, turn off the printer first, and then decide whether to draw paper from outside or inside, depending on the paper jam. This time to be particularly careful to prevent the paper left in the printer inside.

In order to avoid the printer jam, note the following: Before printing, it is best to check whether the printer panel or paper slot has a "Paper Size Selector" switch, if any, The size of the paper used to choose A4 or Letter, so that when the paper is not easy to skew the resulting paper jam; the thickness of the paper should not be too thin or too thick; in the feed slot Tim paper, be sure to remove the original paper, And then add the paper together with the new paper and then put back into the feed slot, so you can avoid the printer when printing, picking more than one paper and cause a paper jam; Tim paper when the paper is broken and then into the paper slot, This is to prevent the paper due to moisture or other factors and stick together, resulting in more than one paper into the paper and paper.

3, do not feed the paper

The general performance of the light to hear the paper wheel round of sand, that is, can not eat the paper, resulting in the computer prompts the printer out of paper and stop printing. I believe many users encounter such problems. I also encountered this phenomenon.

The main reason for this problem is the room is too dry and caused by dry paper will cause the paper wheel and paper friction weakened, so that slippery do not feed paper. The only way to solve this problem is to increase the humidity of the room, but be sure to master, otherwise it will cause a problem. There is to pay special attention, do not let the printer near the radiator, not to let the heater directly to the printer, especially the kind of quartz tube direct type of heater, so that in addition to causing such a problem, But also make the inkjet head dry, resulting in can not print.

This is to solve the inkjet printer printing process three major problems of the solution, if you are in the production process also encountered such a situation, you can try to use such a solution, hope to help you.