Do You Know How to Keep the Sublimation Ink Rightly?-NEWS

2017-05-18 02:03:44

         Do You Know How to  Keep the Sublimation Ink Rightly?

Sublimation ink, in the digital printing process need to use a kind of ink, is specialized in digital printing transfer ink. Sublimation ink brand a lot, which is Italy, the United States, South Korea's sublimation ink is the most famous.

Sensient sublimation ink

Because you want to carry out a variety of printing, or thermal transfer, then, are the need to use this special ink, and it is different from the general printing ink, is specifically designed for this need to re-transfer products designed , And therefore must be used in the transfer of such targeted ink, the use of ink, we need to pay attention to these problems.

First of all, for the replacement of thermal transfer ink, especially for some people who print more frequently, it may not take long to replace the new ink, so in the replacement time should pay attention to the steps to operate, Do not omit one of the steps, or reverse order, according to the requirements of operation, to be able to better replace the sublimation of ink, to be able to play the best results.

Secondly, we have to say is that some of the thermal transfer ink for the daily placement and storage should pay attention to, ink usually only need to place the room at room temperature, but if the weather is hot, the best Pay attention to the more cool place, this way to be able to better ensure that the temperature inside the temperature particles will not be too active because of the temperature.

Because the sublimation of ink itself is the use of temperature changes to the color of the show, so as to achieve the transfer effect of the product, so when the usual storage, the temperature is extremely critical, if the temperature is too high, then the ink will be carried out directly Self-reaction, has not been used has been scrapped, so in a large number of storage places, it is best to place a thermometer, view the indoor temperature, and timely to be adjusted.

The above is in the preservation of sublimation ink need to pay attention to the place, if the sublimation ink is not saved, then the process of printing will affect the printing effect, affecting the company's efficiency, so the correct preservation of sublimation ink is a prerequisite for use.