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2017-05-18 22:03:24

                Do You Know Right Way to Choose Inkjet Printer ?

Wide-format inkjet printer, the development of new digital printing technology under the premise of more and more inkjet printers have begun to develop up. Like all other products, inkjet printers have high quality and low quality, but in the digital printing process, if the quality of inkjet printers is not good, then it will affect the print results, it will affect the quality of the product , So it also requires inkjet printers with high quality, to meet the needs of production.

Oric TX3209-G Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printer according to the working principle can be divided into two kinds of solid inkjet and liquid inkjet (now the latter is more common), and liquid inkjet can be divided into bubble (canon and hp) and liquid piezoelectric ( Epson). Bubble (bubble jet) is through the heating nozzle, so that ink bubbles, sprayed onto the print media. Similarly, the thermal inkjet technology used by hp utilizes a thin film resistor to heat less than 0.5% of the ink in the ink ejection area to form a bubble. The bubble is expanded at an extremely fast speed (less than 10 microseconds), forcing the ink droplets from the nozzle.

Understand the working principle of inkjet printers, then how to choose high-quality inkjet printer? What is the standard for choosing an inkjet printer? Select the inkjet printer standard has the following two aspects.


DPI is an important measure in the industry to measure print quality. It itself represents the number of points that can be printed in inkjet printers per inch. The higher the dpi value is, the better the print value is. The color printing situation is more complex. Often the quality of print quality is affected by the double effect of dpi value and color reconciliation capability. As the general color inkjet printer black and white print resolution and color print resolution may be different, so the purchase must pay attention to see the business tell you the resolution is what kind of resolution, whether it is the highest resolution. Generally should at least choose more than 360DPI inkjet printer.

2, Color harmony ability

For users who use color inkjet printers, the printer's color blending capability is a very important indicator. The traditional inkjet printer, when printing color photos, if the transition color, it will be in the combination of the three basic colors to choose a close combination to print, even with black, this combination is generally not more than 16 Species, the ability to express the level is difficult to be satisfactory.

In order to solve this problem, the early inkjet printer has adopted the method of adjusting the density of the spray point to express the color level. But for the color resolution of only about 300dpi products, adjust the degree of density is the result of poor transition in the transition, there will be a lot of spots. Color inkjet printer, on the one hand by increasing the print density (resolution) to print out the point of thinning, so that the map becomes more delicate; the other hand, in the tone to improve the technology, the common are: increase The number of colors, changing the size of the ejected ink droplets, and lowering the basic color density of the ink cartridges. Which increase the number of colors to be the most effective. Usually with colored colored ink cartridges, plus the original black ink cartridges, the formation of the so-called six-color printing. In this way the combination of the number of combinations of colors to improve the number of times to improve many times, the effect of natural improvement is very obvious.

The principle of changing the size of the ejected droplets is to spray the droplets of standard size in areas where the color density is high in the print, and to eject small droplets where the color density is low, and to achieve more color gradations The And reduce the ink cartridge color density is in high color density where the use of repeated inkjet method to form more color levels.

The above is the choice of inkjet printer two standards, in the purchase of inkjet printers to test the time in particular need to pay attention to these two aspects.