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2017-05-19 02:25:01

       Why Sublimation Printing is More Popular than Traditional Printing?

Sublimation printing is the portrait, landscape, text and other graphic use of sublimation ink with inkjet printer to mirror the way to reverse the printing on the sublimation paper, and then heat transfer equipment heated to 200 degrees Celsius, hot sublimation The sublimation of ink on the paper will be in the form of gasification into the substrate, so that the image of the sublimation of the color of the image to the real textiles, porcelain cups, porcelain, porcelain plate, porcelain plate, metal and other materials.

sublimation printing applications

Traditional printing is more complicated than digital printing process. Traditional printing process: the original by the computer production, output color separation film, proofing, make-up, Sun PS version, on the version, four-color printing. Before and after the process, if the process of loss of network outlets or sets of color are not allowed to wait for the problem, it will cause some or all rework. The digital printing process only original computer production and printing two processes. Easy to operate, from design to printing integration, no film and printing plate, no ink balance problem, one person can complete the entire print.

Why Sublimation Printing Replaces Traditional Printing

Digital printing and traditional printing have their own different imaging technology and transfer technology, but their ultimate goal is to produce in line with the visual requirements and the use of the requirements of the print, including prepress, printing and finishing three major processes, the essential difference Whether to use the plate.

1, from the workflow point of view, the traditional offset printing needs to be printed before the film, and then copy, proofing, printing. If you need to revision, but also need to re-export all the film or output part of the film and then by hand to complete the book, which is not only a waste of time, but also a lot of waste of material. The digital printing of the printing method of all digital, from the computer directly to the print all the digital production projects, the process does not require the middle of the film and printing plate, no traditional printing process cumbersome process, no replacement time, reducing the parking time, drying time It is almost zero, which means that you can immediately deal with the printed matter.

2, from the operation point of view, the digital printing is relatively simple, less labor. Especially from one job to another job, only need to bring the corresponding electronic file can be printed, unlike the traditional offset printing that need to copy, rubbing blanket and other large work. Digital printing operations easier to learn, a lot of things are also controlled by the number of operators of the experience is relatively low, unlike the traditional offset to a long time to train an operator to.

3, from the environment speaking, digital printing technology in environmental protection is also better than the traditional printing. It is mainly through the toner and bubble for direct imaging, greatly improving the working environment, greatly shorten the printing cycle, reducing the manual operation, reducing the consumption of printed materials, improve product quality to increase the degree of automation work, As the digital workflow without film, or even without plates, fountain solution and the developer, so to a large extent to avoid the transfer of the solvent when the solvent evaporation, effectively reducing the degree of harm to the environment.

4, from the postpress processing, the digital printing can be selected according to the way you postpress book automatically imposition, printed out one by one. No need to match the page, save time and effort, and printing products can be printed immediately after finishing.

5, from the printing point of view, the digital printing can be called "one from India", it can be reduced to a considerable degree of waste to a considerable extent, because the rate does not like offset printing and consumption of a large number of plates and paper. But because of their single sheet of the cost is fixed, when the larger print loss of the advantages of India, its cost is higher than offset, so suitable for short version of printing.

6, digital printing can be suitable for a variety of printing materials, which can be film, it can be polyester material, for red paper requirements, digital printing on its flatness requirements are high, but the paper is not smooth, printed on the Will be reflected. At present, offset products are required to use coated paper to print, but for digital printing, the use of offset paper printed out better results.

In general, sublimation printing with environmentally friendly and efficient, personalized consumer demand, in the future will completely replace the traditional printing, the printing industry to become the mainstream.