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2017-12-12 02:33:56

                       InkTec Dye Sublimation Ink's Applications 

Korea InkTec dye sublimation ink ,it is a famous brand ink all around the world .More and more factories choose InkTec dye sublimation ink in digital market .So what are factories do ? What are exactly applications of InkTec dye sublimation ink ?

 InkTec SubliNova  Sublimation Ink

1,Textile /Fabric printing 

InkTec dye sublimation ink can be used for textile/fabric printing ,not only print great quality ,but also mid-level price .Suit most textile/fabric printing factories .

2,Advertisement Printing 

Advertisment is a very popular way to sale your products ,so there are so many factories do advertisment printing .InkTec dye sublimation ink can be used for large-format inkjet printer like MS ,so it can print so many advertisment like banner ,flag ,and so on .

InkTec Sublimation Ink Used for Advertisement Printing

3,Small gifts printing 

In sublimation printing ,not only print big products,but also small gifts .InkTec dye sublimation ink can be used for A3,A4size inkjet printer ,suit for small gift printing like phone case ,small pillow and so on .

Are you using InkTec dye sublimation ink now ? Which is your applications of sublimation printing ? Whatever you do , you can choose InkTec dye sublimation ink ,just do what you want to do !

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