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2017-12-13 02:04:38

                               How CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Work?

CO2 laser cutting machine,widely used for textile,fabric,wood,acrylic and etc cutting, is more and more useful in industry. However,do you know how CO2 laser cutting machine work ?

CO2 laser cutting machine

“Laser” is an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation” and it’s an early example of a “quantum” electronic device. Co-created by several research teams in the late ‘50’s, in their original form, lasers were resonant cavities formed from ruby crystals and gas tubes with mirrored ends. When “pumped” by a high intensity light source or electric current, they amplified light as beams bounce back and forth through the cavity’s “gain medium”, until some of the light escaped through the partially silvered mirror at one end of the cavity. What made the laser useful was not just the power of the emitted light, but its unusual properties, namely high coherence and very narrow spectrum, make it valuable for industry. The coherence keeps the beam from diverging, allowing a lot of energy to be concentrated in a small spot, ideal for cutting and welding, while the narrow frequency has a major effect on cutting performance in some (typically highly reflective) materials.

How laser cutting machine work ?

The “gain medium” essential to laser operation can be solid, liquid or gas, and is a major determinant of the laser light frequency. CO2 lasers have two unique properties.They make them ideal for industrial cutting: the first is the wavelength of light, emitting at 10.6um, near infrared, ideal for heating. The second useful property is high efficiency, over 30 percent, exceptional for gas lasers. The combination allows high power and good heating efficiency.

The resonators are housed in a stand alone cabinet with their associated gas handling, optical pumping and cooling equipment, transferring the laser beam through lenses and mirrors to deliver the energy to a single spot for clean cutting or welding. Typically, a movable table translates in two axes under the beam, defining the cut or weld in a material sheet. Metals are ideal candidates for CO2 laser processing because of speed and fast, clean, nearly slag free cuts possible in thinner materials. 6kW power is possible with CO2 technology, although power is not the only important consideration in laser cutting.

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