Which Type Heat Press Machine You Should Choose ?-NEWS

2017-12-14 03:35:06

                      Which Type Heat Press Machine You Should Choose ?

Heat press machine,maily used for textile,fabric heat press.There are many types heat press machine in the market ,order to meets different demands .

heat press machine 's applications

In fact ,choose heat press machine depends on what you are trying to do .

If you are looking to print t-shirts in volumes for churchs, special event shirts or custom jobs for people, I recommend the clamshell(auto) heat press. It is time efficient and the garment layout does not require as much attention to detail.

If you are printing t-shirts with rhinestones, numbers and letters, I recommend the swinger or draw heat press. These types of jobs require precision and you need a complete view of the layout area and both those heat press machines provide that.

If you are doing sublimation printing, then I also recommend the draw heat press. These require top notch precision and accuracy with the printing and you need to spend more time making sure the t-shirt turns out right.

If you are doing direct to garment(DTG) printing, I suggest the auto clamshell. These are often done in volume and you need a time efficient machine to do these.

If you are on a budget, then I suggest the manual clamshell. It is the cheapest and it allows you to get started in t-shirt printing.

So do you understand which type suit you ,if you any need ,welcome to contract with  me !

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