Can DTG Printing Used On A T-shirt Made Of A 50/50 Blend?-NEWS

2017-12-18 02:23:55

           Can DTG Printing Used On A T-shirt Made Of A 50/50 Blend?

DTG printing,means Direct to garment printing,  digital direct to garment printing, digital apparel printing, D2, and inkjet to garment printing, is a process of printing on textiles and garments using specialized or modified ink jet technology. The three key requirements for a DTG printer are a way to hold the garment in a fixed position, an inkjet print head, and specialty inks (inkjet textile inks) that are applied to the textile directly by the print head and are absorbed by the garment's fibers.

DTG printing

As we all know ,DTG printing always used on 100% cotton printing espically like T-shirt printing .

However, so many people may ask ,DTG printing just only used on 100% cotton printing ? And others textile is OK ?

We have not seen good results for digital printing on 50/50 blends or other fabric blends that aren’t 100% cotton. The ink tends to run a little bit and possibly bleed in some cases. This is right after the print but before the heat press. We have managed to successfully put the t-shirt on the heat press and cure it to the point where there isn’t any running of the ink after washing the shirts. However attempting to do so is still a risky proposition and a margin for error.

Until the technology and inks improve, we will continue to only offer 100% cotton products for digital printing. Regular t-shirts tend to yield the best results and lighter product colors work better than darker product colors. On the flip side darker inks work better than lighter inks. What it all boils down to is maximizing the ability of the ink to ‘cover’ the product and to be absorbed into the product. It may seem as though there are many restrictions on digital printing; however we want only the best results for our customers and following these guidelines will yield them.

So nowdays ,DTG printing only can used on 100% cotton printing ,other all can not .

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