Light T-Shirt Transfer Paper For 100% Cotton Fabric Printing

  • Product:
    Light T-Shirt Transfer Paper For 100% Cotton Fabric Printing

  • Description:

    Light Transfer Paper transfers images easily from an inkjet printer to a light coloured T-shirt and many other light coloured fabrics and surfaces and gives a high degree of washability and durability.


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Light and Dark T-shirt Transfer Paper


Sheets: A4, A3, 8.5”x11”, 11”x17”, 13”x19”.


Epson. Canon.


Dye Ink and Pigment Ink

Base Paper:

White Paper

Weight / m2:



180-220 Degrees



Transfer Rate:



100% Pure Cotton

light T-shirt transfer paper

1. Feature:

Our T-shirt Transfer paper is AW quality, it can not fade washing more than 70 times.

The T-shirt heat transfer paper can easily transfer photo to your cotton cloth by Iron or heat transfer machine.

Wear your T-shirt with pride by putting your favourite photo on it.

Perfect as a gift for someone special or for all your relatives and friends.

2. Specifications:

Competitive price 75g Inkjet sublimation transfer paper A3/A4 or Roll size

More than 98% transfer rate

Instant dry, waterproof, Vivid color

High quality and competitive factory price

3. Package and Delivery

1. Package: 100 sheets/pack
2. Delivery: 3-8 working days


Printing Instructions:

1. Prepare your chosen image on the computer. Print a copy onto plain paper to ensure it is correct.
2. Print the design in Mirror Reverse (i.e., so that it is reading right when placed face down onto the T-shirt). Many software programs have a horizontal flip function that prints a mirror image. Most new printers have a T-shirt transfer option that will print your design in mirror reverse. Consult your printer instruction manual.
3. Print on the MATT side of the transfer paper.
4. Print image to the highest print quality possible.
5. Single sheet feeding is recommended.
NOTE: Due to the texture of the transfer paper, the quality of the image will be slightly reduced. If your image is too light, enhance your paper type or printer quality setting.

about printing

Transfer Instruction

1. Allow the image to dry for 30 minutes before transferring image.
2. Trim your image to remove any areas that have no print
3. Round off the corners of your image to avoid corner lift off after washing.
4. Preparing the Surface:

a. Heat your iron (empty water) to maximum cotton setting;
b. 100% cotton fabric works best;
c. Iron fabric first; allow to cool before transferring image;
d. Lay fabric on a hard, smooth surface. An ironing board is NOT SUITABLE. A table covered with a pillow case is suitable;
e. Place transfer paper with PRINTED IMAGE FACING DOWN in desired position straight onto the fabric.
5. Iron Image

a. Place a sheet of A4 Copy Paper over the top of the transfer paper. Apply a hot dry iron onto the A4 copy paper at light pressure for no more than 15 seconds to fix the image onto the fabric. DO NOT APPLY IRON DIRECTLY ONTO THE TRANSFER PAPER AS IT WILL STICK AND DAMAGE THE IRON.
b. Then continue to iron the image over the top of the A4 copy paper using firm pressure and moving the iron all over the image. Firm pressure will result in better transferring and long-term durability.
6. Peel & Wear

a. Remove A4 copy paper. Allow fabric to cool and then in a smooth even motion, peel away backing paper. If the image lifts, reposition the backing sheet and A4 copy paper and iron over for a few more seconds, then remove the backing paper.
b. Do not allow the iron to touch the image directly.
7. Washing & Ironing

a. Wait 24 hours before washing for the first time.
b. Wash separately in cold water with garment turned inside out.
c. Garment can be ironed. Turn garment inside out and avoid direct contact of the image with the iron.
d. Do not tumble dry.
e. Do not dry clean.

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