Manual Wobble Heat Press machine

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    Manual Wobble Heat Press machine

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    1)       The temperature is controlled by electro-thermostat to ensure a high accuracy (±2).

    2)     Security, durability and even heat distribution are achieved by integration of heat line and heat plate.

    3)     TEFLON coating on the heating plate.

    4)     It’s controlled by electronic time; signal light indicated the completion of process.

    5)     Pressure is adjustable.

    6)     Button plate is set with frothing silica gel can work under 250℃


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Printing Area (CM) 38*38 38*43 38*58
Voltage (V) 220 220 220
Power (KW) 1.8 2 2.5
Temperature Range (℃) 260 260 260
Time Range (S) 0-99 0-99 0-99

Site Diagram1

① Fuse

② Timer Relay

③ Temperature Controller

④ Operating Handle

⑤ Heater

⑥ Silicon Rubber

⑦ Pressure Adjust

2. Site diagram2

① Power Switch

② Fuse

③ Temperature Controller

④ Operating Handle

⑤ Heater

⑥ Silicon Rubber

⑦ Pressure Adjust


1) Attention: proper and stable protective ground-wire must be prepared for whole machine.

① Adjust the temperature to requested temperature, which usually between 120℃-200℃.

② Set the timer to request time which usually between 5s-20s.

③ Put the material on the lower plate then place transfer paper (pay attention on front and back of it), Press handle till the end.

2) Attention: Strength mustn’t exceed thirty kg to protect normal working of handle.

④Buzzer is working when timer indicated completion of hot-stamping, then replace the handle.

⑤ If cold peel thermo printing paper, erase it by brush within five to ten seconds then peel the thermo printing paper.

If hot peel thermo printing paper, erase it immediately after completion of printing.

Perfect thermo-printing requires the cooperation of correct time, temperature and time.

3) Welcome the dealers the entire world to inquire our company for information about thermo-printing.

4) All transfer paper must be tested before mass-produce.


1. Pressure: if pressure is insufficient or too strong, adjust the pressure nut.+means pressure increase while-means decrease.

2. Time: if the buzzer doesn’t work or continuously works when time is up, touch contact of micro-switch in after body box must be checked to see if it needs adjusting. If so, adjust it to a suitable position.

3. Temperature: when temperature is up, and it will take approximately 15 minutes to reach 180.

If heating plate doesn’t work several minutes after operation, please check the circuit.

Circuit Diagram:

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