Epson Surecolor F7280 for Sublimation Transfer Paper

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    Epson Surecolor F7280 for Sublimation Transfer Paper

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    Epson Surecolor F7280/F7200 is a 64-inch print

    width,single-head roll to roll printing fabric printing

    production equipment, suitable for professional

    printing enterprisesengaged in specialized digital

    printing production


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1,A 64" 1.626m print width, single nozzle roll to volume printing of gray cloth printing production equipment for printing companies engaged in specialized digital printing production.

2,Maximum Print Resolution:720*1440dpi

3,Minimum ink drop size: 5.3 picoliters

4,Printing Technology:New PrecisionCore™ TFP® Print Head

5,Replacement Ink Cartridges:

6,High Density Black Ink Packs (T741X00)

7,Cyan Ink Packs (T741200)

8,Magenta Ink Packs (T220320)

9,Yellow Ink Packs (T741400)

Epson F7200

Printing Speed:

360x720dpi standard accuracy of 58.9 square meters / hour

360x720dpi high-precision 22.1 square meters / hour

720x720dpi standard accuracy of 30.3 square meters / hour

720x720dpi high-precision 13.8 square meters / hour

Epson SC-F7200 print speed


We have series of continuous ink supply system suitable for kinds of inkjet printers, for example HP ,EPSON ,Canon , Brother and so on .

Epson F7200 and Epson ink


1,The control panel: user-friendly control panel, according to the alarm lights and buzzer with the operator is very easy to find the situation, improve work efficiency.

2, Llarge capacity ink storage system: a unique way to add ink repeatedly, the operation more simple and convenient.

3, Pressure paper wheel: the finale on a total of 66 pressure paper wheel, the width of each pressure between the paper wheel 0.3 cm, paper precision, uniform strength, making the paper does not go side will not scratch, Injury head.

4,Large capacity waste ink warehouse: the new waste ink bottle design, large capacity waste ink collection system not only reduces the daily maintenance level, reduce the damage caused by waste ink caused by the machine, but also can reduce the user's use costs.

5, Before and after the heating device: can automatically adjust the printer's temperature, 24 hours of work, the heater will automatically stop with the print command to stop, more secure.

6, Non-slip feed flange: to reduce the pass line phenomenon, improve accuracy, print media tray, to reduce accidents, for users to install a heavy transfer medium provides a convenient, through the lifting rod can easily deal with.

7,The use of TFP micro-voltage nozzle: 360 fine nozzle, higher performance more durable, more ink, more sensitive, faster transmission of data.

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