Six Color InkTec SubliNova Smart Sublimation Ink for DX5/DX6/DX7 PrintHeads

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    Six Color InkTec SubliNova Smart Sublimation Ink for DX5/DX6/DX7 PrintHeads

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    This dye sublimation ink is designed to

    support high-volume user in commercial

    /industrial environments,our recommending

    sublimation ink meets the demands of

    high speed commercial printing equipment. 


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1,These inks have the ability to be used not only for direct printing onto fabrics without using heat transfer paper, but also traditional heat transfer printing on transfer paper.

2,For smooth ink flow without head clogging, we make particle size of dispersive dyes smaller under 100nm (0.1um) and use the high-class dyes to keep their colour shade in harsh conditions.

3,The SubliNova Smart inks have superior printing quality under various printing environments.

Inktec SubliNova Smart Dye Ink


For digital textile printing on Polyester, Nylon, Polyurethane, etc. and hot transferring on metal, porcelain, plastic, carpentry, etc. materials with coating. It can be printed on T-shirts, porcelain, clothes, glass and textile, decoration, outdoor advertising, gift field, fabric industry, portrait industry, label and card industry.


The characteristics of Original Korea Inktec Sublimation Ink

1. Using high-quality imported raw materials, fine particles, the average size of 0.2um, fluency, not clogging the print head, suitable for continue printing;

2. The unique formula of environmental protection, not damage the print head;

3. Transfer-tested, rubbing wear color fastness 5, perspiration-resistant color fastness 5, 5 color fastness to water, direct contact with the skin, not harmful to humans;

4. Proof of professional treatment, colorful screen, and fine reducibility.

5. Strong water proof ability, long-term display ability can be printed on transfer paper

6. The top grade sublimation inks can be used on mug/plate/garment/glass/metal/flag and so on

7. The sublimation inkjet inks will keep the printer head clean, so there is no broken line in long term printing. All of this will improve the reliability, productivity, and efficiency of your printing machine.

8. More than 18 months outdoor durability.


1, Good transfer effect :transfer effect of delicate and natural,clear hierarchy,image reduction is high,the effect is more outstanding

2,The fine degree of particle is high:the fine degree of particle is high,print smooth,does not damage the machine,more at ease

3 ,Gorgeous color,outstanding performance:high quality raw materials determines the InkTec ink color density is high,fine quality,rich in color.

4 ,High transfer rate:Ink system dispersion is stable,high transfer rate,environmental protection,more economical waterproof,sunproof,anti friction:high color fastness,for a long time to wash do not fade;Friction resistance,washing fastness and sun-screening performance is excellent.

Warm Tips

1.Transport and storage temperature is recommended not less than -15℃

2.Put the ink into machine room 24 hours before using, make the ink temperature rise up to room temperature naturally.

3.The best temperature of machine room is 18-28 ℃. 15-30℃ is the limit.

Our Services:

1, We have our own brand, the current sales area covering 28 countries and regions.

We are professional in this field more than 10 years, with market strength, good quality,

the price is quite competitive.

2. We offer OEM services, we can do OEM for your brand (print your graphic on the product).

Processing methods, size, quality and so will meet your requirements.

3. Respond to inquiries at 24 working hours.

4. Experienced staff to answer all your questions.

5. We offer one-stop service for sublimation printers, roller heat press machine, sublimation paper and sublimation inks

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