Oric Wide-format Inkjet Printer with Double DX-5 Printerhaed for Sublimation Textile Printing

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    Oric Wide-format Inkjet Printer with Double DX-5 Printerhaed for Sublimation Textile Printing

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     This oric machine length of 1.8 meters,

    using a double printerhaed, specifically

    for sublimation textile printing,good

    effect,good price.


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Printing Technology:Piezoelectric Inkjet
Print Head:Dual DX5 Print Heads
Acceptable Media:Width71.6in.(1820mm)
ThicknessMaximum 39mil(1mm)
Printing Width:70.8in.(1800mm)
Printing Resolution:Maximum 1440dpi
Media Heating System:Intergrated Post Heater & Infrared Dryer & Fan System
Interface::USB 2.0
Dimensions(With Stand):125.3(W)X38.1(D)X54.5(H)in.
Weight(With Stand):882lb.(400kg)
Environment:Power On Temperature:59℉ to 90℉(15℃ To 32℃)
Humidity:35 to 80%
Power Off Temperature:41℉ To 104℉(5℃ To 40℃)
Humidity:20 To 80%
Accessories:USB Cable, Media Clamp, Manual, Drain Bottle, Ink Cartridges, Rip Software, Etc.
Oric TX1802-E

1,Independent research of intelligent inkjet technology
This machine use independent research and development of intelligent inkjet technology,Through intelligent control , it can make a variety of ink droplets of different sizes.It not only can show you the extreme resolution 1200dpi ,but also can accomplish the higher quality compared with the same type machines when it print in low resolution

2,CISS Guarantee Printing Continuously
Stable continue ink supply system uses special algorithm to ensure the stability of ink supply when printing ,it solves the problem of short of ink because of ink supply.

3,Take-up Device Provide Perfect Experience
ER18 uses material fixed device to complete the process of sublimation paper. It can finish the material axle adjustment , the use of tension stick ensures the material enter into take-up device completely.
All-steel manufacturing ,every detail reflects our sincerity
Cooperate with international brand like THK、IGUS, which lays a foundation for stability and durability

Ink Cartridges:
Type:Dye Sublimation Ink
Capacity:4*4 CISS(220ml Ink Cartridge With 1.5L Ink Tank),6*6 CISS(6color),8*8CISS(8color) Optional

Printing Speed

Package Dimensions
Entirety Packing: 132.8(W)X45.2(D)X62.3(H)in.
Split Packing:132.1(W)X40.1(D)X40.1(H)in.
Package Weight
Entirety Packing:1102.5lb(500kg)
Split Packing:1058.4lb.(480kg)
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