Oric DS1802-E 1.8m Eco Solvent Inkjet Printer with Double DX-5 Printhead

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    Oric DS1802-E 1.8m Eco Solvent Inkjet Printer with Double DX-5 Printhead

  • Description:

    Model: DS1802-E

    Brand: ORIC

    Printhead: Dual DX5 printhead

    Max Width: 1800mm

    Color: 4colors,6colors,8colors optional

    Ink Cartridge Type: eco solvent ink


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Product Specification

Oric DS1802-E Eco Solvent Printer


ORIC Large format inkjet printer applies to advertisement, digital textile printing, leather transfer, home decoration wallpaper and etc. With DX5 print head, it has the best control system in China and excellent structure and ultimate printing speed to get the best printing performance. We select materials strictly to supply our customers with best support and cost performance.

1,The Minimum 3.5pl Variable Ink Droplet

With the excellent function ,can print with different ink droplet , with minimum is 3.5pl during each printing.

2,Multiple Ink Combinations Gives the Perfect Expression about Image

Support multicolor-printing, besides CMYK four colors, LC and LM can be equipped to enhance the natural color transition, make high recognition to similar colors , and LLK increases controllability and sense of depth to printing colors.

3,Un-wind and Re-wind Media Perfectly

Use media fixed device to complete the winding and unwinding process of sublimation paper

Adjust media axle at any time. Use of tension stick ensures the media enter into take-up axle completely.

4,Flat Form Heating System and Air Drying System Facilitate the Ink Droplets Size

The flat form heating system realizes the media heating on pre-print, printing and post-print, Meanwhile, infrared lamp is used to shape the ink droplet, fan solidifies ink on the media, which keep the double. insurance.

5,All-steel manufacturing, every detail reflects our sincerity.

Cooperate with international brand like THKIGUS, which lays a foundation for stability and durability.


This kind of printer usually used for outdoor advertisement



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